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The Man Behind The Lens...

A Native New Yorker,  born and raised in the borough of Brooklyn.  I fell in love with the art of Photography in 2005.  I was walking home and I saw how beautiful the sun was setting.  I took out my camera phone and snapped a photograph of the colorful skyline with the sun bouncing off the windows of the buildings.  I took a moment to examine the photograph and I said to myself " wow, that's beautiful and I took it".  From that moment on,  I've had a new found romance with photography.

I now have credits with several other magazines, author's, brand influencers, models and your everyday person.

I am now a freelance photographer focusing on capturing you, not just taking a picture of you.  I look to capture the most rawest, intimate photographs of you.  Your photo shoot will be a experience and not just coming to a studio with a photographer and taking pictures.  I want your friends, family and complete strangers to see you and say "wow, I can see your spirit or essence  in this photograph".


Now with that being said, are you ready for your experience?

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